Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse Item Cards Preview

In our Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse preview series post found here, we spoke a bit about Item Cards, their inspiration and their effects in game.  We also took a look at Sheriff West’s revolver card.   Now we are going to take a closer look at the other item cards.  This post will be updated daily until the remaining 14 item cards are all shown.

Some of the Champions from Fray are lucky enough to get two item cards themed after them.  Earlier we saw Sheriff West and his revolver.  Now, lets take a look at Golga, our gladiator and his items.   These two item cards are both focused on the armor save mechanic in Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse. 

Golga’s Trident – Enemy Champion is at -1 to the next save roll they make  This item, as it is not an instant is played in the Item Phase, and works as a debuff on an enemy champion, reducing their survivability against the next attack.   Apply this to a champion you plan to focus on, and combine it with special attacks to reduce armor save even further for devastating effects.

Golga’s HelmInstant – Play this card to reroll a failed save roll.  This item, is an instant, which means it can be played outside of the Item Phase as a reaction to what is going on in the game.  In this case, when you fail an armor save, use the card to allow a reroll. 

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Our resident steampunk tinkerer Gadget is another champion who received two item cards themed around her. Her wrench is just too much of a focal point of her model to not use, and her goggles are so iconic with the archetype we had to…

Gadget’s Wrench – Instant - Use this card to reroll the Battle Dice this turn. You must keep the second roll. This card is an instant, which means you can use it at any appropriate time (after you roll the battle dice). Sometimes in the game you are going to NEED to see certain resources in order to pull off your plan. Gadget’s Wrench fixes things… like a bad roll at a bad time.

Gadget’s Goggles – Instant – Use this when attacked but before rolling to save. Automatically save against a ranged attack. This card is amazing. It is one of the rarer cards to get, and it doesn’t work if your enemy is using a melee character, but we have seen this card come through at key points in games. Guess the goggles really do help to see it coming.

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Baldren and Sethrious each get one item, so they are sharing this segment of the post.   What is more iconic to a Dwarven Smith than their hammer?  Nothing!  It is goes together like a Wizard and their spellbook…

Baldren’s Hammer – Instant – Reroll a non (Axe) battle die this turn.   Played after you roll the battle dice, this card helps ensure that you are ready to press the attack when the time is right.

Sethrious’s Spellbook – Instant – Use this card to reroll any 1 die.  This is another rare card to draw, but it has power.  This card can help you change your fates and a key time in the match.  Any fates too, attacks, save, battle dice etc.   The only question about this card is WHEN is the right time to use it?

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Brint is another who gets two themed card.  I think our artist really enjoyed Brint and it shows.  All of the artwork surrounding Brint is amazing, their item cards being no exception.

Brint’s Cloak – Instant – Reduce damage of an attack against your champion by half  - This needs very little explanation and goes a long way to preserving your champion, cutting incoming damage way down.

Brint’s Boots – Add 2 to the movement value of one champion this turn.  – Your opponent have a champion that you can’t quite catch?  Need to make a mad dash to get across the arena to get to the Loot Token for more items? This card has tons of practical applications.

Erabeth and Myrina each have an item themed after them, both of which can be incredibly powerful in the right circumstances, at times turning the tide of a match at a key moment.   Plus, they are personal favorites of the team, because the artwork is amazing.

Erabeth’s Chalice – Instant – Use to restore 3 Hit Points to a friendly Champion – This seems pretty straight forward, it is the ‘healing potion’ or ‘med kit’ of the game.  It is also the only way for 11 of the characters to heal at any point in the game.  The only exception to the rule is Erabeth herself.  (You’ll see when we do Champion Card features soon)

Myrina’s Staff – Instant – Add 2 to your initiative roll this turn – We have found in Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse that despite all of the rolling and modifiers in the initiative phase (discussed in preview series post #2  here), for the most part the turn order goes predictably back and forth.  There are upsets, and they are always exciting when they happen.   This card, helps them happen.   It is another fairly rare card, but can give you the opportunity to really press your opponent.

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Mitsu is another champion that ended up with two themed item cards.  In fairness, his artwork and model are amazing, so we think he deserves them.


Mitsu’s Armor -  This card gives your champion +1 to the next save roll they are forced to make.  This is played in the item phase and buffs your character against the next incoming attack.  A powerful buff for any champion.  Use it to make a champion with an already high save even stronger, or use it to cover a champion with a weaker save.

Mitsu’s Mask – Instant – Force an opponent to reroll the damage die for an attack.  The second result must be taken – We have seen this change Critical Damage rolls into low damage rolls more times than I can count.  This can be an absolute Champion saver, at least once.

With Captain Redbeard we really wanted to have some fun with the archetype, and what better to use than a treasure map for a pirate?   For Harald, his model has one glaring item that we think is just amazing. 


Redbeard’s Map – When you use this card, you may draw two item cards.  Ok, at first, you may say “ That item card just turns one item card into two”.   Yes, that is indeed what it does, but can be clutch.   Item cards are powerful in the game, and getting 2 instead of one is a great benefit.  But WAIT! There is more!   There is a hand limit to the amount of cards you can have in Fray.   Get this card, and you have access to help refill your hand as soon as other cards are played.

Harald’s Axe – Instant – Force an opponent to reroll a successful save roll this turn.  This can turn almost into absolutely for you in an instant.  A key card that keeps pressure on your opponent and has a huge resource value in that you may turn a wasted attack into a key bit of damage.

Thank you for looking through these items.  We look forward to getting them in your hands, along with all of the other amazing components we have been working so hard on.   The Kickstarter is coming soon, so make sure you keep an eye out and we thank you in advance for even considering to support us.  The next series, we will go through all of the Champion Cards and see the Champion’s special abilities and stats.

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