Samurai of Yamoto

The Islands of Yamato

The realm of Yamato is a series of islands found in the eastern sea. No stranger to conflict, the clans of Yamato have spent generations at war. Regardless if their true motivations are territory, resources, pride or revenge, each of the clans fights either in defense of Yamato’s sometimes tenuous Emperor or against. Despite their differences, one thing the clans of Yamato share is their code of honor. Dishonoring one’s name or one’s clan is considered a fate worse than death. The warriors of Yamato devote their life to training their mind, their body and their very spirit. In this warrior culture, the Samurai of Yamato are first. Servants of their lords, time not spent fighting to defend their charges is spent training to do so.  To walk among the isles of Yamato is to walk a balance between land, lord, body and soul. Travelling beneath majestic waterfalls, snow capped mountains at the island’s center and groves of blossoming fruit trees, it would be easy to mistake Yamato for a utopia and forget the warrior culture that underpins this tranquility. To make an enemy of the realm is to invite the Emperor’s own samurai to your door, for they will never rest until their enemies are once and truly defeated.

Mitsu's Tale

Mitsu is first samurai among the Emperor’s chosen, captain of the armies of Yamato. Donning ancestral armor and wielding a blade passed down for so many generations that it is rumored to have been crafted by the gods themselves, he is a fierce opponent. He is patient, waiting for the proper opening in his opponents’ defenses to strike an overwhelming, decisive blow. The Watchers have brought Mitsu to the Grand Center in order to fight in the Arena. With his lifetime of training, and binding code of honor, one would be hard pressed to find a more professional and disciplined warrior in all of the realms; but will it be enough to see Mitsu rise above the other Champions and win the Watches’ contest?

IN Game Play

Mitsu is a melee fighter that needs to be in close to his quarry in order to deliver his deadly strikes.  He is slower than many of the other champions but is bolstered by his heavy armor that protects him as he wades into the center of combat.

take a look at Mitsu's in game model