Captain Redbeard

Pirate of Vorandil

The Shrouded Isles

Vorandil is a realm of prosperity and welcoming a new age of prosperity.  Newly discovered lands have led to rapid expansion by the great powers of the world.  Kings and councils alike rush to claim more territory, and with those territories come seemingly endless resources.  Nestled within the great southern sea of these new lands lay the Shrouded Isles. Steeped in mystery, to sail to them is to invite death and misfortune.  There are many rumors as to the secrets that the Isles may hide, with as many different legends as there are tellers of the tale.  One thing agreed upon, is that whatever riches the lands may hold, their pursuit is not worth the danger of seeking them.  The Shrouded Isles have long been home to pirates, their black flag often seen when anyone veers to close.  These outlaws of the seas have sensed an opportunity, with riches being brought from the new lands to the old world, ripe for the taking.  The navies of the great nations and empires of Vorandil, stretched too thinly to defend against them, the pirates of the Shrouded Isles can secure themselves the wealth of royalty, if they just reach out and take it.

Redbeard's Tale

Of all of the tales told of the pirates of Vorandil, those of Captain Redbeard strike the most fear into sailors.  It is said that he is ruthless, cunning and employs bladework as fast as any ever known.  His skills with a pistol are legendary.  The Captain has long ago looted enough gold to allow him to live out his days more than comfortably, but he still sails, putting the thrill of the hunt above all else.  Indeed, Captain Redbeard will sail the seas of the Shrouded Isles from the deck of his ship until the very day that he dies.

In the arena, Captain Redbeard intends to win The Watchers’ game with sword and powder in order to win the ultimate bounty, proving himself the scourge of not only the Shrouded Isles but all of the seas of the Every-Verse.

IN Game Play

Employing attacks that are a mix of melee and short range, Captain Redbeard is a master treasure hunter with abilities that allow him to pull items from the arena that can help him defeat his enemies.

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