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Brain Sandwich Games is proud to announce that Fray: Champions of the Every-Verse is coming to Kickstarter in May of 2020. Fray is a light, action packed skirmish miniature game of gladiatorial combat. It pulls figures from different histories and fictional genres so that 2-4 players with a strong inner child (make sure your actual children or inner children are all 14+) can finally answer pressing questions like “Who would win in a fight, a Samurai or a Gladiator.” With a 30-60 minute playtime, it is a fast game, but we are proud of the layers of complexity in it.

Game play is light, fast and meant to help facilitate our imaginations when answering those pressing questions. From Golga the gladiator, with his trident and net, to Captain Redbeard, the pirate captain with his flintlock pistol and rapier; each of the Champions have unique abilities that help them on their quest to become the last champion standing in the arena.

In the World of the Every-verse, there are all powerful beings known simply as The Watchers; these mystical beings hold the arena contests for unknown reasons. As we were designing the backstory to Fray, I simply imagined my friends and I, in my room at 14 years old, heatedly debating all of the reasons that our chosen one would win in a fight. We were the Watchers, we just didn’t have the ability to pull an actual wild west gunslinger into an arena. But now we can, and Sheriff West can be your Champion, with his 6 shooters and his grit. Don’t debate how deadly he can be, prove it or perhaps you would rather choose Myrina, our Amazonian priestess.

In all there are 12 separate Champions included in Fray, each represented by their own 42mm model. Two of the Champions even have a companion character that fights alongside them. Gadget the Tinkerer brings her Gatling turret, while Brint the Ranger brings a bear, Grizendl.


We have tried to keep game play as simple as possible, while keeping layers of strategy involved to make the game exciting, refreshing and challenging. Movement is done in a grid system on the arena board. Each of the Champions has a series of abilities and statistics; their movement value, their armor save, a flavored once per game ability, a set of standard actions available to all Champions and a series of abilities specific to each Champion. These abilities are powered by battle dice, which are rolled every turn for each champion giving them a pool of attack, defense and movement points that they can spend (or store for later rounds) on their own abilities. 

Play can be done in single mode, with one on one matches or in team mode, where as a player you can choose a set of two or three champions, to fight against your opponent. The Champions can assist each other, buff their allies, debuff the enemy and prove their worth.

Finally, the watchers have made available to the Champions a series of powerful items that each player can use to enhance their Champion(s), reroll dice, restore health, or debuff their opponents.

Originally conceptualized by Mat Weymouth, Fray has been a project of passion for years and we couldn’t be more proud of the gameplay, the artwork, the models and the project overall. We are looking forward to releasing this on Kickstarter, in order to help make it a reality. Keep an eye on our social media pages, sign up for the newsletter or look for updates here, on our website, and make certain you are one of the first to know more about Fray as we release more and more details.

Remember.  The Watchers see all!

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