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In the hallowed halls of the Grand Center, a nexus point between all things that ever were and ever will be, cosmic forces beyond understanding, brimming with infinite power but childlike desires decide to make a wager. These forces are known by no names, their existence beyond the belief or understanding of the mortals they’ve watched through triumph and failure since time immemorial. With no proof as to how they have impacted events from floods to famine, from harvests to holy wars or even proof of their very existence, these forces stand as Watchers of the realms of all living things.

The Arena

The Grand Center is where threads of all fates, across time, space and realities come together.  It is in the Grand Center that the enigmatic figures known only as The Watchers reside and have placed the arena.  The Watchers wait and pull the strongest from across these different times and realities to be their Champion.  Why the Watchers do this, or to what end these contests are run is as mysterious as the Watchers themselves. 

 While even the Champions themselves cannot explain the Watchers' motivations, understanding the contest is second to surviving it.  Regardless of what victory may bring the ultimate Champion, the cost of defeat is certain and absolute. 

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Meet Your Champions


Tinkerer of Cogshire
Gadget, tinkerer of Cogshire has spent her entire life within the walls of Cogshire, standing out as first among a city of genius. The Watchers have brought Gadget to the arena at the Grand Center to prove that science can beat muscle, that innovation trumps savagery.
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Samurai of Yamato.
Mitsu is first samurai among the Emperor’s chosen, captain of the armies of Yamato. With his lifetime of training, and binding code of honor, one would be hard pressed to find a more professional and disciplined warrior in all of the realms; but will it be enough to see Mitsu rise above the other Champions and win the Watches’ contest?
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Sheriff West

Renown the realms over as a man not to be trifled with, the Watchers have brought Sheriff West to the Grand Center, where he waits in the wings of the arena for his chance to draw against the other Champions proving he is the fastest draw in any of the realms of the every-verse.
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Captain Redbeard

Pirate of Vorandil
Of all of the tales told of the pirates of Vorandil, those of Captain Redbeard strike the most fear into sailors. It is said that he is ruthless, cunning and employs bladework as fast as any ever known. In the arena, Captain Redbeard intends to prove himself the scourge of not only the Shrouded Isles but all of the seas of the Every-Verse.
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Champion of Tordan
Greatest among the champions of Tordan is Golga. His name can be heard across the city as citizens place wagers and debate if another will ever arise that can stand against him. Armed with his fighting claw and net, Golga eagerly awaits his chance to enter the arena, to prove that even among the Champions of The Watchers, he stands first.
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High Priestess
Brought to the grand center, Myrina wastes no time to set out that she is the strongest of the Champions. She is eager to prove her mettle and bring honor to her tribe. In fact, she is eager to return to Amazonia, fearing that the comforts of the grand center will make her soft.
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Warchief of Gundar
A destroyer of men and a bringer of death, Trilug has been observed with fascination by the Watchers as he marches forward in his quest to eradicate the civilized world. Like the countless victims before them, Trilug intends to purge all other champions so that he can be known throughout all the realms as the most powerful warrior in reality.
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Smith of Khaz-Abad
The Watchers have brought Baldren to the Grand Center to test his mettle against the other Champions. His gaze as hard as steel, he waits in thearena ready to prove his resolve against any enemy he may face.
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Archer of Lorhaven Forest
The Watchers, intrigued by Brint’s cunning and speed, have brought this legendary figure to the arena to test their skills against the other champions. Brint waits, silently at the arena’s edge, a twinkle in theireye, ready to deal a deadly strike to the other legendary threats that await in the games.
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Wizard of Galdred
Summoned to the Grand Center for his unique abilities, Sethrious is intent on proving that his understanding of the arcane surpasses any blade or axe. Ready to show the Watchers what power he possesses, Sethrious waits for his turn in the arena, anxious to show the other Champions what he has learned.
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Vampire of Arkenstadt
The Watchers have chosen Erabeth to fight in the arena, placing a great burden on the other Champions by her very presence. Always up for the challenge, Erabeth seeks to claim dominion over her enemies and plans to use her powers and charms to make her way back to her dark kingdom.
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Raider of Valkenkirk.
His blood lust is so legendary that even the Watcher’s have kept a wary eye on his bloody exploits making him a natural choice to compete in their own savage games. There Harald stands, seething with rage on the arena’s edge, waiting for his chance to win the Watcher’s game and claim the ultimate treasure.
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