Smith of Khaz-Abad

Khaz-Abad, The Underground Empire

On any given day the thrum of hot metal being forged against ancient anvils rings throughout the halls of Khaz-Abad, the Great Dwarven Stronghold. The Runesmiths busy themselves in the forges, inscribing ancient runes of power on weapons milled with edges sharp as razors, for they never know when the enemy may find their way to their gates. War is no stranger to the Dwarfs that dwell within the Great
Stronghold of Khaz-Abad, with Orc warbands, Human raiders and hosts of other foes always seeking the riches held deep within their armories.

Baldren's Tale

Chief of among Master Runesmiths is Baldren, an implacable figure cloaked in runic armor, making powerful weapons that over the centuries have tasted the blood of countless foes. He often can be found among the apprentices of the forge, standing still as an oak tree, the weight of his gaze weighing down upon their backs as they craft weapon after weapon to defend Khaz-Abad from invaders. At the end of each day, as the rest of the Runesmiths and their apprentices shuffle from the forge into the great dining halls to toast the day’s accomplishments, Baldren can still be found leaning over the fires of the forge crafting terrifying weapons on the great anvil of Thorzak, personally inscribed with master runes by Baldren himself, that imbue weapons with magical powers capable of slaying any foe. The Watchers, impressed with his resolve and the skill of his craftsmanship, have brought Baldren to the Grand Center to test his mettle against the other Champions. His gaze as hard as steel, he waits in the arena ready to prove his resolve against any enemy he may face.

IN Game Play

Baldren is heavily armored and capable of making deadly melee attacks against enemy champions while putting his foes at a disadvantage in combat by bolstering his already impressive armor save.

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