Vampire of Arkenstadt


For centuries a predator has prowled the streets of Arkenstadt, emerging from the shadows and the darkness to dine on the blood of unsuspecting villagers. Known mostly through fear and legends, the vampires of Arkenstadt stalk the streets in search of prey. While some are no more than scavengers hunting for a meal, there are those that need not roam the streets looking for scraps. Those too powerful to hunt lowly commoners and to whom fealty is given to gain any favor possible. They are part of the Vampire Aristocracy, ancient and refined, elegant and cunning. The leader of this aristocracy is Erabeth Von Krazleic. Born as a human many centuries ago to a wealthy Count and Countess she was born to darkness as a young debutante by a Vampire of unknown origin. Instead of shying away from society as many of her kind do, she instead embraced her dark gifts, cultivating a society of nightwalkers that basked in the refinement and luxury of their status.

Erabeth's Tale

As those who have encountered Erabeth and have lived to tell the tale will say, do not underestimate her charm for mercy. Never has there been a more ruthless Vampire in all of history. Very old and very powerful, Erabeth will make spectacle of those her oppose her rule, usually in gruesome and bloody ways, and even the Lady of Darkness is not above plucking the occasional street urchin or meandering commoner from the streets and alleyways that lie near her gothic mansion.
The Watchers, impressed with her dark gifts and the cunning manner in which she uses them, have chosen Erabeth to fight in the arena, placing a great burden on the other Champions by her very presence. Always up for the challenge, Erabeth seeks to claim dominion over her enemies and plans to use her powers and charms to make her way back to her dark kingdom.

IN Game Play

Able to move in and out of combat when necessary, Erabeth can use the blood of her enemies to heal herself.  Those that attack her head-on risk losing their stored battle tokens to her Vampiric powers.

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