Raider of Valkenkirk


Along the craggy, windswept shores of Valken, in a land where gods walk among men and giant monsters dwell in the murky depths of the sea, live the raiders of Valkenkirk. A sea-faring tribe, they sail the shores of their homeland, raiding and pillaging, taking all they can carry while offering brutal deaths up in the name of their ancient warrior gods. As all the neighboring lands know, when the raider’s horn sounds and the primal screams carried upon the wind are heard, it is time to flee or to die. Thought
once to only be a threat along the coasts, the shallow draft of their longships allow the raiders to press inland through the rivers and streams of Valken, proving that no settlement is safe from their savagery if the Valkenkirk deem the spoils are right.

Harald's Tale

For all names that have been sung in hymns and songs and dirges throughout the history of the Valkenkirk none have inspired the sheer terror of Harald II. The son of the most bloody warlord in the history of Valken, Harald is the fiercest and most savage of all the great Jarls of the Sea. Leading the raid with bellowing war cries and swinging the great axe Thormir, inscribed with ancient ancestral runes that give him strength and power beyond an ordinary warrior, Harald is known to kill indiscriminately, seldom leaving survivors in his hunt for greater wealth, treasures and land.

His blood lust is so legendary that even the Watcher’s have kept a wary eye on his bloody exploits making him a natural choice to compete in their own savage games. There Harald stands, seething with rage on the arena’s edge, waiting for his chance to win the Watcher’s game and claim the ultimate treasure.

In Game Play

Harald excels at going on the offensive.  Using his abilities to either attack enemies in groups or to put single enemies at a disadvantage one on one.  He can also disrupt the enemies plans with short range attacks that force opponents to lose items.

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