Wizard of Galdred

The Tower of Evenspire

Amidst the jagged cliffs and dark skies of Galdred, the ancient city of mages, lies the Tower of Evenspire. Surrounded by unending storms, believed to be the work of ancient spellcraft used as a weapon in a long-forgotten war, Evenspire is home to some of the most feared and powerful arcane magic users to ever set foot in Galdred. Acolytes all throughout the realm with even an inkling of magical ability frequently make pilgrimages to the mage tower of Evenspire in hopes of learning the potent and secret ways of arcane spellcasting. Many of these acolytes come in hopes to get a merely glimpse, let alone a lesson, from the most feared Wizard of the realm, Sethrious.

Sethrious's Tale

Once an acolyte himself, now a first-rate Wizard even among others of his kind, Sethrious is said to be as ancient and powerful as the storms that darken the skies above. He spends his time at the top of the tower, in the Arcane Library, studying spells and lore from all of the magical disciplines. More interested in his studies then in the concerns of the Wizard Counsel, Sethrious will lock himself in his study for weeks on end creating new spells and rites, intent on furthering his magical powers. Despite the fact that wizards tend to lead a solitary existence, Sethrious is seen as somewhat of a hermit and a fanatic. His quest for better magical understanding has even taken him far from the halls of Evenspire, to the most remote regions of the world, in pursuit of greater powers.

Summoned to the Grand Center for his unique abilities, Sethrious is intent on proving that his understanding of the arcane surpasses any blade or axe. Ready to show the Watchers what power he possesses, Sethrious waits for his turn in the arena, anxious to show the other Champions what he has learned.

IN Game Play

Sethrious uses his magical abilities to launch attacks at range.  These are powerful spells designed to maximize damage to his opponents while he moves surprisingly quickly around the arena, allowing him to avoid being pinned down by physically stronger enemy champions.

Take a look at Sethrious's in game model