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Per My Last Email, the casual party game for disgruntled office workers is coming Spring of 2020
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Per My Last Email

We funded on Kickstarter!  Our Kickstarter campaign closed out in October last year, and we were able to reach out goal thanks to our awesome backers! 

Per My Last Email is now in production and will be shipping soon!


Fray | Champions of the Every Verse

Next Up is an arena style combat game that features not only terrific game play, but fantastic artwork and amazing miniatures!

Per My Last Email Available Now!

Per My Last Email


The Casual Party Game for Disgruntled Office Workers. Recommended for 4 or more players.

HR Expansion Deck | Per My Last Email


Expansion Deck includes 100 NEW Cards themed for the Human Resources Department. 

IT Expansion Deck | Per My Last Email


Expansion Deck Includes 100 NEW Cards themed for the ITDepartment. 

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Fray | Champions of the Every-Verse

Preview Series

Fray is a light, fast and action packed arena combat game that pits Champions from across time and genres against each other.  Read about this exciting new game and learn some of basic rules in this series of articles and pages full of info and artwork.


I Call BS

February 25th, 2020 

Get an understanding of the motivations behind and beginnings of Brain Sandwich Games, from one of the founders, Brian Snyder. Learn about some off the games that motivated him, like Robinson Crusoe, Catan, and Sheriff of Nottingham. 


Board Games - What a way to make a living

February 21st, 2020 

A brief look into the Mind of Mark Stogdill, as he reflects on his transition from the more formal corporate world of Telecommunications to his passion of game development.