Archer of Lorhaven

Lorhaven Forest

The grim forests of Lorhaven, in the wooded realm of Karren, are home to many dangers both seen and unseen. The elves of the wood make their home there among the many bands of rogues, thieves and monsters that haunt the paths that perilously criss-cross underneath the dark canopy of the forest. For the wayward traveler or bold adventurer that seeks to rob the forest of its riches, nothing living under the trees are more feared than the elves who have called the forest their home for centuries untold.

Fierce, quiet, and deadly, even the snap of a twig can mean certain death for those that tread too close to their inner sanctum.

Brint's Tale

Throughout the centuries fear has kept the forests safe, for all those that enter Lorhaven have heard the tales of the legendary elven Ranger, the swift death, the archer in the shadows that moves like a wraith and draws its bow like a demon on the hunt. Known only as Brint, the one who can track a horde of Orcs by smell from miles away or a band of goblins by nothing more than a fallen leaf on a dying tree, the deadly archer has become a bedtime story told to children to warn them of the dangers of entering the forest alone. Though the magic of the elves is known, it is not the mysterious ways of the forest children that scare off would-be raiders. It is the fear of Brint’s arrows and bow, drawn and fired so swiftly and silently that death comes an instant before even a footstep was heard, that gives pause to any seeking the many secrets of the elves of Lorhaven.

The Watchers, intrigued by Brint’s cunning and speed, have brought this legendary figure to the arena to test the skills of this legend against the other champions. Brint waits, silently at the arena’s edge, a twinkle in the eye, ready to deal a deadly strike to the other so-called legends await in the arena.

In Game Play

Brint is a master archer that can be deadly to any enemy champion at range.  Brint's bear companion, Grizendl can also be summoned to provide protection for Brint, through fear and the occasional dismemberment.  

Take a look at Brint's in game model


During the game, Brint may call upon Grinzendl.  This bear has been Brint's long time companion, providing protection through the years as needed.  When together in the arena the ferocity of these two is unmatched and strikes fear into every opponent who has the misfortune of facing them.