Tinkerer of Cogshire

The Mechanical city of Cogshire

The bustling, mechanical city of Cogshire is a monument of the ingenuity of mankind.  A city applauded as a marvel for its innovation in technology, it’s progression of science and it’s wonders of the modern world.  As the birthplace of the airship, Cogshire has held it’s place in the forefront of innovation for generations. Centuries ago, a great sundering shattered the world that Cogshire calls home.  The city endured and became a place of invention and curiosities out of necessity for their own survival. To roam its streets is to behold wonders of the imagination. Great clockwork conveyors bring the people of Cogshire into the spires which stretch to the skies.  The airship docks of the southern ward span over a mile, connecting Cogshire to what is left of the world, carrying passengers across the wastelands to other cities of the realm. Great automated turrets powered by steam guard the city walls against the creatures that wander beyond.  Known only as “those that were”, these creatures force the cities of the realm to be self-contained and resourceful. Gadget, tinkerer of Cogshire has spent her entire life within these walls, standing out as first among a city of genius.

Gadget's Tale

Gadget, tinkerer of Cogshire has spent her entire life within the walls of her city, standing out as first among a city of genius. The Watchers have brought Gadget to the arena at the Grand Center to prove that science can beat muscle, that innovation trumps savagery.  She has taken her place as the Champion of Cogshire because of her lightning reflexes, her ingenuity and… her Gatling turret. Gadget views the arena as a problem to be solved and doesn’t bat an eye at the challenge before her.  She hails from a realm where her people have overcome all obstacles, always finding a solution to every problem. She has no intention of changing that track record now.

In Game Play

Gadget is capable of zipping in and out of combat unharmed while using her gatling cannon to attack her enemies at range or as protection for herself against the reprisals of enemy champions

Take a look at Gadget's in game model

Clockwork Gatlin Turret

During the game, Gadget may call upon her Clockwork Gatlin Turret, a device of her own creation that is more of a pet to her than it is a machine.  The years she spent perfecting its design; the blood, sweat, and tears that she has poured into her creation have all contributed to her absolute love and devotion to it.

Take a look at the in game model