Champian of Tordan

The Colosseum at Tordan

The city of Tordan is the capital of the vast empire of the same name.  A verdant utopia, Todan’s rivals have long since been conquered, stretching it’s borders to cross a vast continent.  Only ever threatened at its fringes, and never seriously, Tordan has known peace and prosperity for generations.  The people of Tordan enjoy a system of public governance, a people focused on infrastructure, arts and philosophy.  It’s children grow up focusing on learning, and contribution to the empire.  In fact, the people of Tordan would know of only peace were it not for one guilty pleasure – bloodsports.   In a utopian society, outlets have been found for the baser sides of human nature.  In the Colosseum, in the center of Tordan, gladiators fight for glory, for fame, for honor and for their lives.   These gladiators enjoy a privileged, albeit often short life.  The greatest among them stand as champions of the people with adoring fans.  The children of Tordan race through the streets and play at fighting with wooden weapons between tall marble columns, pretending to be their favorite gladiator. 

Golga's Tale

 Greatest among the champions of Tordan is Golga.  His name can be heard across the city as citiens place wagers and debate if another will ever arise that can stand against him.  The Watchers have brough Golga to The Arena in The Grand Center to test his mettle against the other Champions.  This is a challenge that Golga not only accepts, but approaches with something akin to enthusiasm.  Armed with his fighting claw and net, Golga eagerly awaits his chance to enter the arena, to prove that even among the Champions of The Watchers, he stands first.

IN Game Play

Golga is a melee fighter that excels at punishing his foes at close quarters combat. His unique abilities can affect the items that enemy players hold making him a master at disrupting enemy strategy.

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