High Priestess of Amazonia

The Jungle of Amazonia

Amazonia is a hostile jungle realm. It is hot, humid, primitive and dangerous as the jungle itself seemingly attempts to thwart any life that passes beneath its canopy. Humankind is an invasive species that the jungle constantly attempts to repel, usually in the most brutal of fashions. Despite the hostility of Amazonia and the dangers that it presents to its indigenous life, there is a tribe of warriors that have thrived, conquering all the perils that living in the harshness of the jungle presents. Every day a fight for survival, the warrior women of Amazonia are strong, fierce and determined. By the time they reach adulthood, each member of the tribe is already a fierce warrior in her own right, capable of besting the most vicious predators or threatening foes.

Myrina's Tale

From the tribes of Amazonia, the watchers have drawn Myrina, the tribe’s high priestess. Though young, the power she wields is such that not even the elders of the tribe, whose wisdom is sought to preserve the tribe’s way of life, dare oppose her will or fail to heed her counsel. As the spiritual leader of the tribe, Myrina guides her people to not only survive in the hostile environment but prosper. A powerful force of nature, Myrina is armed with her warspear and the blessings of her ancestors.

Brought to the grand center, Myrina wastes no time to set out that she is the strongest of the Champions. She is eager to prove her mettle and bring honor to her tribe. In fact, she is eager to return to Amazonia, fearing that the comforts of the grand center will make her soft.

IN Game Play

Myrina specializes in using her spiritual powers for defense.  Her abilities can be used to both protect her and her allies or to inflict penalties against her foes making her more dangerous to them in combat.

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