Sheriff West


Desolation Valley

Desolation Valley is a small city in the great nothingness of the Plains. Days away from any neighboring towns, Desolation Valley acts as a haven for travelers and bandits alike. With the comings and goings of so many whose lives are spent on the road, Desolation Valley borders not only the edge of civilization, but more often than not, the edge of lawlessness. The city, where the balance between peace and chaos stands on a knife’s edge, is a place where disputes are settled with bullets and troublemakers are often never heard from again. In this forsaken place, the only thing standing between the denizens of the city and complete lawlessness is Sheriff West.

Sheriff West's Tale

Wearing his badge, Sheriff West is known throughout the Plains as the most deadly gunslinger to ever strap on boots. As the quickest draw witnesses have ever seen, he seeks to save Desolation Valley from itself by righteously protecting the city and its many visitors. Armed with two revolvers with grips made of rosewood and a rigid code of law, Sheriff West enforces the justice that many who cross his path deserve. Sheriff West doesn’t hesitate to deliver any who dare break the sanctity of the fragile peace that exists under his jurisdiction to a quick and absolute fate. Stern and lacking any remorse for those who cross the boundaries of the law, he is the one man standing between a prosperous city and one on the brink of anarchy. The people of the city know that Desolation Valley owes its safety to Sheriff West and are happy to turn a blind eye to his methods.

Renown the realms over as a man not to be trifled with, the Watchers have brought Sheriff West to the Grand Center, where he waits in the wings of the arena for his chance to draw against the other Champions proving he is the fastest draw in any of the realms of the every-verse.

IN Game Play

Sheriff West fights with his big guns at long range. Though he tends to be a bit vulnerable in close combat, he moves quickly and his abilities can be devastating against enemy champions unable to close the gap on him.

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