Warchief of Gundar

Black lands

Throughout all the realms of men and manlike creatures exist one enemy that can unite even the most bitter of foes together on the battlefield, for their savagery and lust for war is a threat to peace and civility everywhere. They are known in the common tongues as Orcs, creatures of war and violence that seek to conquer all the realms and plunder all the resources that the lands can offer. Like boogeymen of a dark fairy tale, they appear on the horizon of a stronghold, castle, or town, their war-cries piercing through the air as the bang of their drums march them onward to destruction.  It is not known where they come from or even what foul magic may have created them, all that is known is that their seat of power in the Black Lands is among the most dangerous place in all of the realms. Scavengers that strip the land bare, their domain is ash and soot and craggy rocks, sulfur belching from the ground and pits of fire burning uncontrolled in the wasteland.

Trilug's Tale

Among the many tribes of Orc that roam the Black Lands, the tribe known as the Gundar are considered to be the most vicious. Their warchief Trilug is feared the realms over for his strength and sadistic love of violence. Smarter and far more cunning than the average Orc, Trilug rules his band with an iron hand, killing those that disappoint him while still showing his underlings far more mercy than he shows the countless victims that pile up around him as his tribe seeks to dominate all life.

A destroyer of men and a bringer of death, Trilug has been observed with fascination by the Watchers as he marches forward in his quest to eradicate the civilized world. Like the countless victims before them, Trilug intends to purge all other champions so that he can be known throughout all the realms as the most powerful warrior in reality.

In Game Play

Trilug is, simply put, a killing machine.  Trilug runs head first into combat, laying waste and dealing serious damage to any champions foolish enough to allow themselves to be charged by this ferocious warboss.  Enemy champions should beware and stay out of his deadly reach.

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